His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan approved to Confer Doctorate Degree To Mr. Baftjar Zeqaj, The Mayor of Fier

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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace – AUGP has considered & approved the recommendation & Resolutions of the Board Of Governors Of World Council of AUGP which was taken in USA on 11th October 2013 , to Confer Doctorate Degree To Mr. Baftjar Zeqaj, The Mayor of Fier. Initially Dr. Shefki Hysa, The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission recomended his name for Doctorate Degree based on his Excellence Record Of Service to Humanity.

Baftjar Zeqaj – Mayor and Peace Missionary

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Baftjar Zeqaj was born in  Patos on 15.02.1961 in a family with patriotic traditions which has contributed continuously for its country, Albania. He passed his childhood in his birthplace, where he finished the elementary and high school.
Baftjar Zeqaj graduated as a geologist engineer for petroleum and gas in 1985.  He has finished several postgraduate specializations in the field of sedimentation. He has also finished the Master studies for Public Administration.
From 1985 – 1992 Baftjar has worked in the most important sector for the Albanian economy, the petroleum sector as engineer in the Institute of Petroleum Studies and Projection in Fier. Here he has been evaluated for intellectual and scientific skills and has given important contributions in the implementation of new sedimentation concepts in search of gas sources in Albania where he has been leader of some geological studies.
After of demolition of the communist system in Albania, with the changes of ’90, he was committed to the political life where he was appointed as head of the movement for the reformation of Albanian society and institutions. In the first pluralist elections of 1992 he was elected Mayor of Patos.
In 1997-2001 Baftjar was elected Chairman of Socialist Party Fier, an assignment which he accomplished with his excellent organizational and communicative skills by creating the model of the modern political leader with an open heart and mind for the solicitudes of every citizen with any belonging difference.DSC_0013
Baftjar Zeqaj in 2001-2003 was holding the post of Perfect of Fier district where he exposed his skills as statesman by contributing in the institutions democratization..
Since 2003 Baftjar is governing with devotion the works for the modernization of the city of Fier as a Mayor. During these years of governance, this city has been transformed in an important pole of the urban an economic development. Comprehensiveness, partnership and evaluation based on results are distinctive features of the governance of the biggest city in the Middle Albania.
Baftjar Zeqaj during the years he spent as politician has been distinguished also for his passion for art and culture as well as from his devotion for the development artistic cultural values in Fier.  With his unremitting he and his collaborators have made it possible for this city to be transformed in the warmest hearth for the international artists and art lovers.
Z. Baftjar Zeqaj has organized more than 250 shows, concerts and different activities reaching a record number in the participation of spectators. These activities have been organized in different institutions such as Bylis Theater, Apollonian International, House of Culture, Theater for Children, Historical Museum, Arts Gallery Fier, Public Library, etc.  The most successful shows have reached an audience of 3500-4000 spectators, among which it is worth mentioning: Premiere Show of Estrada Variety, Theatrical Festival of high schools “Rinfest”, etc.
The projects for the development of sport such as training campuses for football,  campuses for handheld games and heavy sports  are priorities of his work until 2015.
Baftjar Zeqaj is distinguished for the care he shows towards the social classes in need. This devotion for the people in need has been transformed into the leitmotif of his managerial activity in the Municipality of Fier.
For his human qualities, for his intellectual managerial skills, for his leader model, Baftjar Zeqaj has received several titles from national and international institutions such as: “Peace Knight”, “Leadership” Price, “Person of the Year” etc.
Baftjar Zeqaj is an erudite intellectual with a charitable heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community. He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace. Baftjar Zeqaj as a brilliant peace missionary, has been collaborating for many years with the international organization  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), accredited in UN, EU, USA, etc. The intellectual Baftjar Zeqaj is an Honorary Advisor of  Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).  
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Arba Berdica
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