Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Cary Peterson of USA

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Cary Peterson of USA

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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder and Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace -AUGP   and Dr. Shefki Hysa The International Governor Of AUGP & also Governor of Diplomatic Mission  – DMPP , Conferred“Cary Lee Peterson” with Doctorate Degree on the basis of The Resolution Passed By The World Governing Council Of International Governors Of AUGP in USA.

Dr. Madhu Krishan also Commissioned Dr. Cary Lee Peterson as Governor of AUGP in USA and authorized him to represent AUGP before all Government, Non-Government, UN, EU, Inter-Governmental ,NGOs & all Public Organisations for the effective implementation and  accomplishment of AUGP Mission Of ESTABLISHING GLOBAL PEACE and Ultimately Building up aTRANSFORMED CIVILIZATION of “PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING  “  Sustainable Society World Wide For Sustainable Development of Entire Global Civil Society



Profile Article: Cary Lee Peterson

Cary Lee Peterson in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 2013


Cary Lee Peterson – 2014

BORN Cary Lee Peterson
April 6, 1980 (age 34)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
RESIDENCE New York City and Guam (United States)
OCCUPATION Chairman and President of ECCO2 Corp,
Chairman of International Mission for ECCO2 Global Partners
Director and Main Representative (U.N.H.Q., New York)
of Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Study,
Chairman and CEO of RVPlus, Inc.,
Main Representative to UNOV at CMOCDAPUNDHJ,
General Representative to European Parliament at ECCO2

Cary Lee Peterson (born April 6, 1980) is an American businessman and philanthropist Cary Lee Peterson Haiti 2014 who is the founder, chairman, and president for Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide Corporation [also known as ECCO2 Corp], a US-based non-profit organization that is an admittednon-governmental organization (NGO) partner to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Global Compact,European Parliament, and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

September 8, 2010 the Associated Press published a news article ‘Haiti Prime Minister and ECCO2 Corp Enter Talks for $1.5 Billion Cleantech Project to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Stimulate Economy’. In the article Peterson comments, “The ECCO2 Haiti Project opens up vast employment opportunities and potential economic growth as Haiti continues to restore its infrastructure. While many have turned a blind eye towards them since the disaster, we are honored to be an active part of rebuilding the new Haiti.”

Cary Lee Peterson Haiti 2014 Peterson has participated as an observer delegate in conferences, events, and delegations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2010 and is a member at United Nations Development Group of the World We Want 2015 Thematic and National Consultant Discussions, UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, and United Nations Team Works on causes for humanity, economy, and environment since 2012.Cary_Lee_Peterson_ECCO2 - 2010

In May 2012 Peterson was elected Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for RVPlus, Inc., a publicly listed corporation in the United States of America. As the chief in-command for RVPlus, Inc., the company entered foreign government contracts in Africa and the West Indies totaling a value of $1.9 billion for climate change, social affairs, and energy efficiency with the support of its affiliated organizations, ECCO2 Corp andCentre for Climate Change and Environmental Study. These contracts were filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asmaterial definitive agreements for RVPlus, Inc..

Cary_Lee_Peterson-2010_COP16November 13, 2010 Peterson interviewed with Africa Biz Talk Radio about cleantech investments in Africa. In 2012 Peterson interviewed with national radio on-air personality Doug Stephan on the Good Day Morning Radio Show where he discussed ECCO2, climate change, and job creation for Americans. In summer 2012 Peterson launched Green Jobs for Veterans Dot Com, a national marketing campaign to allure US military veterans seeking job opportunities during a time in America with a high unemployment rate for military veterans.

In 2013 Peterson was appointed title as the Main Representative to the United Nations HQ, New York at Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies, an organization in Special ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council) Status, in addition to being appointed the title of the Main Representative to the United Nations HQ, Vienna, at Concile Mondial de Congres Diplomatiques des Aumoniers pour la Paix Universelle des Droits Humains et Juridiques (CMOCDAPUNDHJ), an organization in Special ECOSOC Status in October 2013.

In January 2014 Peterson was appointed as an Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (Europe) for his participation and works with civil society groups and diplomatic missions on humanity and peace in Europe and the United Nations.

Ambassador Cary Lee Peterson Cary Lee Peterson is a principal, member, and stakeholder to multiple civil society groups, diplomatic missions, inter-governmental partnerships, and political delegations in West Africa, the CaribbeanEastern Europe, and Micronesia that are affiliated with the United Nations, European Commission (EU), and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

February 2014 Cary Lee Peterson makes a public statement at the United Nations PrepCom Meeting for Small Island Developing States that his inter-governmental association, ECCO2 Global Partners will focus on new and expansion development for Millennium Development Goals in the regions of Micronesia and the West Indies. Peterson followed up with an intervention statement on sustainable ecosystems, international partnerships, and economic development at Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Intersessional Meeting (U.N., New York) in April 2014.

In April 2014 Peterson was awarded an honorary doctorate degree for  Inter-governmental Relations and International Diplomacy by the Academy of Universal Global Peace and the Diplomatic Mission on Peace and Prosperity (Europe).

Peterson studied computer science and economics while attending Minneapolis Community & Technical College and National American University-Bloomington, Minnesota from 1997 to 2001. His work history includes working as an Account Executive at the McClatchy Company (Star Tribune), an Account Manager at Conseco Finance and Cinedigm (formerly Unique Screen Media), in addition to over 13 years in capital markets and financial services as a financial advisor and planner in America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific.

Recent News and Media
May 2, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Makes Intervention Statement at U.N. on Action Plan for Small Island Developing States

Apr 28, 2014 — ECCO2-GP Launches New Multilateral Partnerships in Small Island Developing States to Aid Post-2015 Development Agenda

Apr 21, 2014 — Multilateral Diplomacy Drives Initiatives of Small Island Developing States’ Major Groups and Stakeholders at United Nations

Apr 16, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree for Global Peace, Humanity, and Philanthropy

Feb 2, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Talks Motives in Micronesia for 2014 on Mission for U.N. Small Island Developing States
http://news.yahoo.com/cary-lee-peterson-talks-motives 145357518.html;_ylt=AwrTWfy2kfRS5CwA0xDQtDMD

Jan 4, 2014 — Romanian Government Announces MOU of Civil Society Organisation to Aid UN Millennium Development Goals

Nov 20, 2013 — Haiti Government Publicizes Its Cooperation and Support for ECCO2 Haiti Program

Nov 8, 2013 — Jamaica Government Enters Partnership with ECCO2 Global Partners to Aid Post-2015 Goals of the United Nations

Oct 21, 2013 — NGO at United Nations Economic and Social Council Appoint New Representative to Vienna Office for European Delegations

Oct 9, 2013 — ECCO2 Founder-President Cary Lee Peterson says Green is Good, U.S. Fed Gov’t Shutdown is Bad

Posted By :-
Advocate Elsa Tahiri,
Legal Advisor Of Diplomatic Mission


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