The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of ” ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE ” – AUGP Honoured / Conferred A Most Prestigious International Award , “ACADEMY AWARD ” For Global Peace 2015, Upon His Excellency Professor, Dr. Deric N. Bircham, Emeritus Professor

The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of ” ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE  ”   –  AUGP  Honoured / Conferred   A Most Prestigious International Award , “ACADEMY AWARD  ” For Global Peace 2015, Upon His Excellency Professor, Dr. Deric N. Bircham, Emeritus Professor.

Dr. Madhu Krishan also Conferred Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) In International Diplomacy   , Upon H.E. Prof. Dr. Deric N. Bircham  On the bases of the Resolution passed by  The World Governing Council of AUGP  as Passed By The Governors  in 77 Nations – The Branches Of AUGP.

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan also ORDAINED / Commissioned H.E. Prof. Dr. Deric N. Bircham  AS AMBASSADOR AT LARGE  Of AUGP in New Zealand   and also Conferred Honoris Causa Doctorate Degree, Specialization In International Diplomacy along with a Certificate Of EXCELLENCE  For His Continuous  EXCELLENCE Work For Establishing Global Peace in accordance with the PEACE MISSION of AUGP  which is Building Up a Sustainable Transformed CIVILIZATION Of ” PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING”, From 3 Decades.

A Brief Profile Of

Professor, Dr. Deric N. Bircham
Emeritus Professor



International Consultant

Pedagogy, International Relations

Born in Wellington, New Zealand on December 16th 1934 the fourth son of the late Stanley Ernest and Rita Muriel Bircham. He and his wife Patricia married in 1960 and celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in April 2010. They were blessed with three Daughters (one deceased), six Grand-Children and three Great Grand Sons.

He has led multi-faceted careers which often overlapped, initially in Professional Photography, a highlight of which was being commissioned by the New Zealand Government (with the approval from Buckingham Palace) to Portray Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 marking Her 25th Silver Jubilee. He had a one to one session with Her Majesty in February 1977. The portrait taken became the “Frontispiece” for the Book ‘Thirteen Facets”.

During his time as a Professional Photographer he portrayed, nine Prime Ministers,
three Vice-Regals, six Royals, a number of Dukes, several Barons, and Nobles in Europe, and in New Zealand Notable Knights, Dames and the Distinguished. As a leading Professional Photographer he held the Fellowship Qualifications of New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and International, also an FRPS and FRSA from England, as well as a Ph.D (Honoris Causa) in Professional Photography from the USA. He was a member of the National Qualifications Board for 15 years, Chairman for his last four.

He was for 20 plus years involved in Public Relations and travelled extensively in a professional capacity, including internationally for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Changed careers and was appointed onto Staff at the University of Otago and was Administrative Head of two Departments servicing the Medical Profession.  While in Otago he was a Rotarian of the Dunedin East Club.

Professor Deric holds a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication (Photography, Video, Film), a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Ph.D in Psychological Management; Ph.D in Arts and Letters; a D.Sc in International Relations, and as well as having been conferred with several Doctorate Degrees Honoris Causa covering Philosophy, Science, Law, Jurisprudence, Excellence, etc. He has lectured at numerous Universities around the World including China, and held Seminars and Schools on various topics in many countries.

Former posts include Regional President of the Pacific Rim for Attorney’s Monte Carlo International Law Associates (London & Paris); Vice-President Caribbean Institute for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies. International Chairman, World Mental Arithmetic (Taiwan); International Chairman, Chinese Internet World Intelligence Network (Taiwan). Director and Member of the Board of Trustees to a Registered Charity for “Battered Women and Children”,International Chairman to JHM Orphanages,International Director to the Chinese Mui Yuen International Group, Director of International Affairs to The Blue Ocean Sentra Sejahtera Ltd, Hong Kong, and so on.

In 2003 he was legally adopted through the High Courts as a Son, Chief, and a Royal Prince of the Kingdom of Ogba by His Majesty King Ashade IV for “Services to this Royal Family and Kingdom”. This Royal Kingdom has been acknowledged by the British Crown since 1850, and his status is acknowledged by the British Royal Society of Arts in London, and The Royal Academy of the United Nations. This Status and Title is personal to him and is not hereditary.

He has held the Academic positions of Visiting Professor, Consulting Professor, Full Professor, Professor Emeritus, Pundit (Lord of Learning), and Academician.  He is a Co-Founder, Full Professor, President and Chancellor to a University with its Head Office in Madrid, Spain. This University was conceived in 1988, founded in 1990, and opened for its first students in 1992. This Pedagogical University carries his name (Bircham International University). He is a Full Professor of the International Higher Examination Council (Europe) among others.  Held Workshops and Seminars as theDirector, Instigator, Speaker and Lecturer at various Schools, Seminars, Universities, Congresses and Conferences in England, Europe, United States of America, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, in the areas of Photography, Management Studies, Philosophy, and Pedagogical Education.

He was Ordained Archbishop and Spiritual Head of the Spirit Filled Fellowship Global Church with a membership of over one million,

He was raised to the status of His Royal Highness Prince, and a Grand Duke (Knyaz and Ktitor) of Russia by the Kobat/Paze Royal Family, also Ordained as a Prince and Patriarch (Metropolitan Vladika) of the Holy Russian Orthodox Church that was endorsed by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and accorded in 2013 a rare Supreme UKAZ of a “Fons Honorum”,

He is a Prior and Knight Grand Cross of The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem of the Knights Hospitalier of Holy Russia, (AKA Knights of Malta). Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for this Order, as well as Head of this Order for South East Asia, Australasia, and Oceania and over the years many others.

Author of 30 plus published works including three “best sellers”, covering topics relating to Photography, Science, Tourism, Philosophy, and Management. Co-author or major contributor to 14 others.

Over the years he has received many Honors including the Albert Einstein Peace Medal, the Albert Schweitzer Medal, the 2011 Elite Scientists Gold Medal, the World Order Insignia (Belgium) for “Science, Education, Culture”, a Taiwanese Presidential Silver Salver, for the Development of Mental Mathematics in Taiwan, and numerous other “Medals” and accolades from Organisations around the World including the prestigious Russian “Heart of Danka” andRing of Honour. Awarded the Highest Knighthood from the Princes Council of Russia, The Highest Degree of Knights Cross with Awards from the Holy Orthodox Church and Cathedral, the appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations by the Minister for Social Politics, Dr. Adeline Mnatsakanova (who is an advisor to President Putin of Russia). He is an Honored Member of the Royal Academy of the United Nations, and Royal Society of Arts, London.

In 2010 in Moscow by order of the Atamanov he was appointed to the Rank of a Major General of the Cossack Army as an advisor for Science and also awarded several other Medals by the Atamanov High Command of the Great Brotherhood of Cossack Troops. He has been decorated with the Yuri Gagarin Medal as well as the Heraldic Council Medal No. 856 under the President of the Russian Federation signed by H.H. Milchenco Chairman of the Heraldic Council, and the list continues…


Current activities:

a    Working with colleagues to facilitate a fully funded PLAN that will take three billion people around the world out of poverty over the next 20 years.
The expansion and further development of Bircham International University in South East Asia, notably China, the Middle East and elsewhere as applicable.

 Interests include:

His much loved wife Patricia, Family, Humanity, Education, Philosophy, Writing, Environmental Landscape Photography, Classical Piano (especially Chopin and Liszt), and certain areas of Sport.


By:- The Secretary Of

H.E. Prof. Dr. Deric N. Bircham

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