Professor Dr. ABDELATIF HAMZA Ph.D Of Uk Is Honoured By The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of ” ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE ” – AUGP ; With A Most Prestigious International Award , “ACADEMY AWARD ” For Global Peace 2015,

Professor Dr. ABDELATIF HAMZA Ph.D Of Uk Is Honoured By The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of ” ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE ” – AUGP ; With A Most Prestigious International Award , “ACADEMY AWARD ” For Global Peace 2015,

The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of ” ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE  ”   –  AUGP  Honoured / Conferred   A Most Prestigious International Award , “ACADEMY AWARD  ” For Global Peace 2015, Upon His Excellency Professor Dr. ABDELATIF HAMZA Ph.D Of Uk 

Dr. Madhu Krishan also Conferred Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) In International Diplomacy   , Upon H.E. Prof. Dr. Abedelatif Hamza  On the bases of the Resolution passed by  The World Governing Council of AUGP  as Passed By The Governors  in 77 Nations – The Branches Of AUGP.

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan also ORDAINED / Commissioned H.E. Prof. Dr. Abedelatif Hamza as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE  Of AUGP in UNITED KINGDOM   and also Conferred Honoris Causa Doctorate Degree, Specialization In International Diplomacy along with a Certificate Of EXCELLENCE  For His Continuous  EXCELLENCE Work For Establishing Global Peace in accordance with the PEACE MISSION of AUGP  which is Building Up a Sustainable Transformed CIVILIZATION Of ” PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING”, From 3 Decades.

A Brief Profile Of

Global Recognized Professor

Abdelatif Hamza, Ph.D.

Founder and President of Oxford Higher Academy/ Diplomacy Peace School for Education and Research

London, United Kingdom


In addition to my main role as the academy managing director, I have been assigned to work as professor at the Oxford Higher Academy in charge of designing, writing and directing two creative innovative very useful master programs, to be ready by Dec 2015:

– MA in Organizational and Global Leadership. This will compose 18 topics/units, written in English, an it will be published soon, thru :

– MBA it will compose 14 topics/ units, it is being written in Arabic and lectured in Libya, UK or online.

Before I have written around 11 books, including:

– The Theory Of Strategy, year 2014, (in Arabic).

– The Industry of the Constitution, Parties & Elections, Year 2013 (In Arabic).

– The Islamic Banking Theory & Application, Year 2011 (In Arabic).

– Computerized Accounting, Year 2000 (In Arabic).

– The International Theory Of Peace, Year 2002, (in Arabic).

– The employment Steady Theory, Year 1996 (In English).

– The Advanced Data Base Network Management System, ADBMS, Year 1986 (in Arabic).

Plus Articles, manuals, work study papers.

* Founder and Director of LIDHRA “Libyan International Democracy & Development Association” Established July 2011″.

* Founder and Director of DP Academy “Diplomacy Peace Academy for Education and Research” established 2014, Cardiff, UK. Now Named “OXFORD HIGHER ACADEMY.

* I have started by year 2014, and then stopped for while, regarding writing books, on : ” The Theory of International Relations and the Fact of the World Peace”. The Book In Ethical Diplomacy.., the Book in HR from public admin perspective.

* Experience 29 years, all times was in senior positions, 24 years on the government, 5 years on the oil sector. 3 years computer general manager, 2 years supervising the country budget, 12 Years as senior projects costs controller.


SEEKING joint venture financing as to further establish my academy associated training centers in Arabic countries.



Oxford Higher Academy

May 2014 – Present (1 year 9 months)

Founder & President of Oxford Higher Education for Education and Research..

Its mission to promote peace-leadership globally, and business management in the Arab contribute in human science education by introducing new ideas, new terms, new means , new views, new debates..

Professor of Management & Leadership

Independent Author

May 2014 – Present (1 year 9 months)

In 24th Aug 1983 established the “Central Training & Consulting Center in MIS”, it was the first and the only center at that time in the country.

By 1986-1989 conducted a course named the “Advanced Database Management Systems (ADBMS)”, for the DBA (Data Base Administrators), in oil sector, this was well known worldwide and it was during this period the art of advanced thinking & designing in management.

In 1987 conducted a course in “Preventive Maintenance Management”, this based on the O.R techniques, for the senior Engineers in oil & industry sectors, at that time only few who knew what this means.

By 1990 obtained a permission from the Ministry to renew my Private Training Center license in order to conduct the specialized evening classes.

By 1996 conducted a new course called it the “Steady Employment Theory ” .

By 1998 conducted a new course called it ” the Interacted Management “.

By 1996-1999 conducted courses in “Computerized Government Accounting & MIS”.

By 2011 established the LIDHRA: “Libyan International Development & Human Reliefs Association”, and published three books.

By 2014 established the Oxford Higher Academy.. which combines the TRAINING CENTER & & LIDHRA.

OXFORD HIGHER ACADEMY will be originally contributing in designing & directing post graduate global courses which serving the Arab Business Leadership, International Peace-Leadership, Global Leadership-Quality and Distinguished Advanced diplomacy, such:

– Executive MBA for the Arab World

– Mastering the Global Leadership

– The Distinguished Ambassador PG Program

– Mastering the World Peace & Diplomacy

Follow us at e-learning platform:

Author/Independent Peace Researcher

Independent International Peace Researcher

July 2011 – Present (4 years 7 months)

Author of the Oxford MBA Book 2015, Designer of the Global Leadership Quality Master Program, Designer of the Peace & Diplomacy Master Program, Author of the Constitutions, Elections, Political Parties Book: 2014, Author of the Strategic Theory Book: 2013, Author of the Islamic Banks Theories & Applications Book: 2011, Author of the Computerized Governments accounts book: 2000, Author Of the databases management Systems book: 1986.. Including official studies : The computerized Government: 1989, The Economic Understanding of the General Financial System Law: 2004, restructuring the country economical order Jan 2012 .

Founder and Director

Diplomacy Peace Academy for Peace and Higher Education (DPA)

July 2011 – Present (4 years 7 months)UK, with rep. office in Libya

DP Academy is registered in UK, with an rep. office In Libya.

The Academy provides peace & diplomacy studies, adapts better learning for a better world.

Where it integrates peace studies into its educational and training programs.

Currently specialized on providing an innovative MBA in Diplomacy. And GOV.MGMT professional program designed to development the management condition and futures for its targeted Arabic region.

DP Academy seeking academic collaborations and financing aids in order to expand according to its peace plan.

DPA aiming to be established as the biggest and best peace specalized non-profit, private, independent academy serving the entire arabic countires learnining needs.

Nominated Vice-Minister/Former Senior Governement Employee

Finance Ministry

July 1989 – May 2014 (24 years 11 months)

1- Nominated as the Vice-Minister year 1998

2- In charge establishing, managing the national financial information center 1966-2000

3- In charge of all country yearly budget information, preparation, execution, follow 1997-1999 .

4- Suggest Projects..

5- In charge of the designing & supervising the country payroll aspects 1989-1996

Senior Business Analyst/ Manager/ Senior Financial Controller

Ministry of Finance

1989 – 2014 (25 years)Libya

Assigned as ministry sector computer manager on 1996. I was in charge of establishing the finance national information center according to UN Resolutiom on 1989 with respect to countries national centers. I was in general manager level reporting directly to vice-minister.


Westcoast University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), International Relations and Affairs

2010 – 2012

Normande University

Honary (MSc), managment & computing

1986 – 1986

Activities and Societies: This degree granted based on developed integrated computerized accounting system for RASCO oil & gas incLibya. Using advanced DBMS. using mainframe central computer. Where ASTON UNIVERSITY replied to me according to such design structure&application sources&full user-technical manuals i have written then plus the fact of working a huge mainframe Aston University said such experience is beyond thier MSc in IT. They said the topics will not benefit you

Southampton Institute of Higher Education

PGDIP, Operations Research

1982 – 1983

Activities and Societies: Libyan International association for development & human relief2011Founder

Southampton Institute of Higher Education,1983

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Operations Research post graduate studies

1982 – 1983

Languages He Knows  are :-

1.      Arabic

2.      English

By The Secretary Of H.E. Prof. Dr. A. Hamza

About Academy Of Universal Global Peace USA

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