WORLD NEWS : NEW YORK :- His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder Chairman Of ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE USA (AUGP USA) and CHAIRMAN CUM RECTOR OF UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – USA ( UNUGP USA ) , Cum The Chairman Of UNITED NATIONS GDO Honoured HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI with Life Time Achievement Award, ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE , BEST GLOBAL LEADER OF PEACE , HUMAN EXCELLENCE GOLDEN AWARD , EXCELLENCE AWARD and DOCTOR OF DIVINITY on the Basis of the Resolution passed by all The Board Of Governing Council Of Governors of 77 Nations Branches Of AUGP USA HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI became the First Ever Nigerian to get this very prestigious ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE.

WORLD NEWS : NEW YORK :- His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder Chairman Of ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE USA (AUGP USA) and CHAIRMAN CUM RECTOR OF UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – USA ( UNUGP USA ) , Cum The Chairman Of UNITED NATIONS GDO Honoured HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI with Life Time Achievement Award, ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE , BEST GLOBAL LEADER OF PEACE , HUMAN EXCELLENCE GOLDEN AWARD , EXCELLENCE AWARD and DOCTOR OF DIVINITY on the Basis of the Resolution passed by all The Board Of Governing Council Of Governors of 77 Nations Branches Of AUGP USA HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI became the First Ever Nigerian to get this very prestigious ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE. and  Email –

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder Chairman Of  ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL  GLOBAL PEACE USA (AUGP USA) and  CHAIRMAN CUM RECTOR OFUNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – USA  (  UNUGP  USA   )  , Cum The Chairman Of UNITED NATIONS GDO   Honoured HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI with  Life Time Achievement Award, ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE , BEST GLOBAL LEADER OF PEACE , HUMAN EXCELLENCE  GOLDEN AWARD , EXCELLENCE AWARD and  DOCTOR OF DIVINITY  on the Basis of the Resolution passed by  all The Board Of Governing Council Of  Governors of 77 Nations Branches Of AUGP USA

 HRE Dr. VALENTINE SUNDAY AKPATI became the First Ever Nigerian to get this very prestigious  ACADEMY AWARD OF NOBEL PEACE. 





This message is sent from the lower regions where darkness torments the souls of the wicked ones and the souls of the evil ones. The cries of the guilty dead came to the ears of the hierophant and was asked to relay this message to the earth man. With faces stained with endless tears all around me, I saw the deep sorrows in their eyes, terror and pain. So much pain that words cannot describe. “If only they could turn back the hands of the clock”, says one of them.”Your Holiness”, one called to me, “please save me, save me”. I felt their pains as if I was one them. Then one woman, looking middle aged and was a very beautiful woman, yet she was in deep sorrow. “Can I speak to you? You are not one of us; from the light shining inside you. Please let me bring down the heavy load I have been carrying for years”.

Okay I said. My name is Fatima. I am a soul that reincarnated last in Gambia,

West Africa. I was so beautiful that men were dying to marry me and suitors came from far and near. Then a very rich man named Ibrahim came for my hand. He was already married to three women but Islam allows four wives. I didn’t like him but my parents did because of his wealth. He bought my father two cars at once and bought a big house. The first year was good; I had everything that I needed in life; three cars and beautiful house. A boutique was opened for me in Senegambia. One day my mother’s sister auntie Rabi visited me. She called me into my personal room and started telling me that she went to a Marabout to ask about me she told me that my husband’s wives were planning evil for me and they wanted to kill me. I was frightened. She told me she would take me to the man. I went with her to the man. I was so young and experienced so I believed every word I was told. The marabouts told me it was a do or die affair and charged me a lot of money. I gladly paid. So that was how I started moving from one medicine man to the other. I prepared charms to make my husband love me the most          . I did unspeakable things. I slept with most of the Marabouts some of them were very filthy. I caused my husband’s second wife to die giving birth. I made the senior one mad and the other one ran away from the house; never to be seen again…. I poisoned my husband’s first son and he died from mysterious illness that I sent to him. All of these happened before my 39th birthday. Then, I became even greedier. I decided to kill my husband. Since I had two boys and a girl for him I wanted a younger man to satisfy my sexual appetite. My husband died of a heart attack spiritually induced. I used diabolical power to seize his wealth. I was given a magic snake bone from Kasamas. I had a private spiritual temple where I could summon demons to do my bidding. By the time I was forty I was one of the richest women in my tribe. Then it started happening; I couldn’t sleep. The guilt of all that I had done was too much for me. My auntie, who was my backbone died mysteriously. I panicked. I now realized the enormity of my sins. It was too late. I tried to return the magic snake; only to be that the Marabout was dead. One night I went into my secret temple to carry all the charms and throw them into the sea. Then the snake hissed at me and bit me three times. That was how I lost my life. I opened my eyes and found myself here. I have been here since then. I am really sorry for all I have done. Please your holiness, help me please. I looked into her eyes and saw genuine repentance. Then I heard a voice saying, “If she can forgive herself, she is forgiven”. I held her hands and blessed her. I relayed the message to her; forgive yourself and you are forgiven. Remember the innocent young lady you were. Remember who you are. She burst into tears and uttered “I forgive my soul”. Thank you father. And light shone on her; she became very radiant, and disappeared. I now understood Jesus the Christ’s words “your sins are forgiven”. Most of the time our sins destroy us. Because we are carrying a heavy physical feel light. It is all so clear that I wonder why we are still destroying ourselves. The wicked ones are suffering 100times more than they made people suffer. When you send forces to destroy another you are in turn destroying yourself. If only you knew what the fate of the evil and wicked ones is, then you will turn away from anything evil or acts of wickedness. The hierophant comes back from the land of the guilty dead back to the land of the living. Good living and bad living; it is up to you. Don’t ever think you can destroy as you wish; you will definitely be arrested by the positive forces. I leave you all today with a favorite invocation form Alice bailey: “from the point of light within the mind of GOD. Let light stream forth into the minds of men, let purpose guide the little wills of men… the purpose which the master know and serve…… from the center which we call the race of men …let the plan of light and love work out….and may it seal the door where evil dwells…. Let light love and power restore the plan earth.



My people. My beloved People… looking at myself I see you all inside me…. The Hierophant feels
the wisdom of his fathers….. the  loving system…. The latest and yet the oldest system of creation… the only system  that recognizes all the religious .. accepting each others independence …. Every body should be free to decide how to live his life spiritually and physically  as long as  he does no harm to others…. The loving  System… the original system of  my forefathers that united us into homogenous groups.. Tradition… all united by loving principles.. bind  people together to love and accept themselves as a people,,,. The diseases, jealousy is finally destroyed….  WE ARE ALL EACH OTHER … one unit in many … In My Own paradigm… I have submitted totally to the loving system ….. I am swimming in love.. totally protected by living love..  everybody starts realizing that they are all one…. They feel … they  feel love deeply… so deep that transformation takes place… transmutation takes place…. The arrival of Man..the priest king of creation.  The image of  Divine love… leading creation to the golden age of awareness.. pure communication.. light streaming forth … the sweetness of all life existing  manifests…. And the bitterness in the air disappear.. the air is sweet and fresh with love divine … the loving system …  Allah is great … Jehovah is great… Olodumare is great.. Chukwu is great … etc.  Jesus.   Mohammad,, Budha.. all are great symbols of love..  all the religions have love interwoven into the fabric of their system.. so the love system interconnects all religions … all existing as beacons of light … beacons of truth.. my heart is so tenderly loving my people..inter religious peace will install political peace.. the loving system … the system of loving.. when you attack me with hatred.. I smile produces great love for you.. changing you to a loving being…. For you are a child of love too…. Stop looking at your brothers system as bad… if he likes your system he will come by himself according to the law of attraction of homogenous species… love is my power… my everything..the system of loving…the loving people start laughing more and more… dancing spirits arrive… bringing sweet songs of love from creation..ooohhh..a beautiful, powerful wave of sweetness descends on earth….gentle sweetness..healing sweetness..i am a living image of sweetness…a sweetness that cannot be sick..immune to all forms of negative attacks both spiritual and physical..the loving system..our system..the system of immorality…. The religion that loves all religions of truth eternal… the religion of Love.


Our world is heading towards destruction, the main cause of this is    the battle for supremacy by the religious paradigms, religious extremists have to tally polluted the earth, wasting human life, killing and maiming people in the name of religion – this is so sad.

Religious intolerance gave birth to terrorism, it continues like this, soon there will be no life left to continue practicing any type of religion.

Looking around us in nature we see the beauty in the various different species and sub-species of life forms, all harmoniously living according to their homogeneous soil.

The united nations charter encourage freedom of association – it is in the search for the solution to ending this inter-religious global war that the Royal Traditional Priesthood Federation in Partnership with the prestigious academy for universal global peace have agreed to host an inter-religious global peace summit to be held in December 2nd 2018 in Ogume land, Ndokwa West Local Government Area Nigeria.

The paramount leader of the royal priesthood His Royal Eminence Dr. Valentine S. Akpati is the official peace ambassador representing academy of universal global peace/united nation university for global peace in Nigeria and has been commissioned to that office being the first Nigerian to be award Nobel peace leadership from the ANGP/UNUGP the founder and chairman of the AUGP His Eminence, Most Revd. Dr. Madhu Krishan will deliver the keynote address supported by Eminent Global Peace Icons.

This message is to seek your support and sponsorship/participation towards hosting this great event.

We are calling  upon religious groups, churches, mosques, religious organization to come and let us reconcile to save our word, our country from destruction.


Royal Council

Royal Traditional Priesthood Federation

ROYAL APPRECIATION                                                                                                                                           

The Royal Traditional Priesthood Federation (kingdom) sends thanks to the founder president. His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan and the Governing Council of the academy of Universal peace and united nations university of global peace for honoring our highly esteemed High-Priest King/President General His Royal Eminence Dr. Valentine Sunday Akpati PHD, AFP, ALPHA with doctor of divinity – Nobel Peace Award and many prestigious award.

Thank you for giving our king blessings as he spreads the gospel of divine love to the people.

HRE Dr. Valentine Sunday is a Nobel soul that believes that God is love – he is the founder of the paradigm of the loving system – A religious ideology that recognizes and respects all the different religions groups as serving on God and that God is love.

The Royal traditional Priesthood Federation is calling for an inter-religious peace prayer summit to held on 1st/2nd December 2018 – The Royal Priesthood will hold festival on peace on 1st of December and the inter-religious global peace prayer summit on 2nd December 2018 venue Osele-Uku’s Palace – Ogume Delta State Nigeria.

It is important for the spiritual leaders of mankind to come together as one to bless us into the golden age of awareness.

Truly – it is true to love, a very big thank you once again to Academy of Universal Global Peace and United Nation University of Global Peace for this Honour.

Thanks.                                                                                                                                            Royal Council of the RTPFK  Nigeria


HRM/HE Dr. Valentine Sunday Akpati is a recipient of many distinguished Awards including:

Ambassador for peace UPF/UN

Peace ambassador of Ndokwa Nation

African People Leadership Gold Award ACPA from Edo legacy foundation.

Award of Excellence from SUG University of Benin custodian of culture from Ogbondokwa concepts.

Pillar of African Tradition – Royal Africa

Director of Goodwill Ambassador from Foundation of integrity in Governance in Africa – FIGAINC

Directorate degree of Philosophy

Doctor of Excellence honoris causa

Among many others.


HRE – Osele-Uku of Anioma (Delta North)

Representative/Spiritual leader

HRE – Osele-Uku of Ogume land

Spiritual leader/Royal regent of Ogbe-Ogume Traditional Council

HRM – Aare Oba Ogboni of Delta State

President/Traditional Ruler of AOFN Delta State

HSM – Oba Onide Aje worldwide

High Golden King of Aje Worldwide


HRM – Oba Risa of South-South Nigeria –

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Head of Representative, World Peace Commitee Cabada.
Ambassador General, World Aid Organization for Human Rights.
Diplomat, World Leaders Forum

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