World News : New York :- His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Kishan The Founder Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace USA & The Chairman cum Chief Rector Of United Nation University For Global Peace USA and The Patriarch Of Global Apostolic Dioceses USA and HRM Dr.Valentine Sunday Akpati , Royal Ambassador General Of UNUGP and AUGP USA -West Africa Chapter and all the board of Governing Council of Governors of 120 Countries expressed their gratitude and Congratulations to HRM GA MANTSE King Dr. TACKIE TEIKO TSURU II for getting the Honour of Re Installation as King Of Greater Accra, Ghana  Email ;,


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I, “Ga Mantse Nii  Dr.Tackie Teiko Tsuru II”was chosen and accepted by the Ga Paramount Stool Dzaase to lead the Ga State as King, and was given the Stool Name ,KING TACKIE TEIKO TSURU II.I was enthroned in October, 2017 at the Ga Mantse Stool House by the Ga Dzaasetse Nii (Dr.) Tetteh Kwei II who was assisted by the Ga Sentse Nii Tetteh Ashong V.On ascending unto the Royal Seat (while awaiting the completion of rites which fully authorizes my reign), the Ga Dzasetse and the leadership of the Ga Paramount Stool Council successfully introduced me to the Membership of the Ga Traditional Council (President-in-waiting) on the 23rd October 2017.In exercising my traditional authority, I have focused on three (3) initial core areas. To Bring The Peace & Unity among the Ga’s, Good Health & wellbeing, Sanitation and provide Quality Education to the GA child. In line with SDG goal 3,4 and 6.1.   Bridging Peace and Unity in GaAs part of my efforts to bring the peace among the many divided houses and clans, I have paid courtesy calls to the three (3) leading priest houses to align them to the Ga Stool as was traditionally done in the past.  To this end I visited all the seven (7) houses to perform my traditional rites which led to peace in many homes as they now feel recognized by the Ga Stool.  With this show of peace building and a unification of the people I believe in 2020, Ga will not witness the usual turbulence which erupts during its annual celebrations.-      The Ga Dzase and I have moved to many traditional homes (which was the opposite) to settle outstanding issues with the headships.  As a result, in 2019, this move paved the way for me to sprinkle the annual traditional meal during the Homowo festival in more than 35 homes though I am limited to 18 houses at most.  I look forward to doing so in many more homes at the request of the people.-      In 2018, with the acceptance of the Ga Dzase, I led a Health walk with over three thousand (3,000) youth through many principal streets in Ga through Korle Bu, Mamprobi and back to Abola.  The 4-hour friendship walk was a display of the oneness of my people.  This prevented any heckling and paved way for a peaceful Homowo in 2019.-      I have also provided financial support to the ten (10) traditional houses since I was enthroned as it expected of the Ga Stool ahead of all rites with the condition that peace prevails, and this has been so.-      I provided for the celebration of all Stool Rites.
–      …2.  Supporting Good Health, Sanitation & Welfare of Children

 30 Healthcare workers including 20 Doctors gathered at the Stool House to screen and supply free medications to the elderly (60+) and children (12-) to over 500 people.Registration of over 300 children under 10years unto the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ga.-      1st January 2018 – we organized Kinka Blonya (New Year’s Day Children’s Party) for 980+ kids in Ga.-      . We led a major clean up exercise ahead of Homowo 2018 with the participation of many people in the Ga community.-      1st January 2019 we organized the 2nd Kinka Blonya Party for over 3200 children and we gave away starter packs for school. This also served as a platform to conduct healthcare checkup for over 300 children many of them who hardly have access to basic healthcare.-       1st January 2020 we oganized the 3rd Kinka Blonya which exceeded our target with over five thousand Children showing up to play and take away educational items for school. It is important to note that these are children who are growing up in very deprived communities who don’t have the luxury to play.

3.  Educational initiatives.

I have established an education committee whose core mandate is to focus on changing the mindset of the indigenes who traditionally are fisherfolk and traders. This transformative approach of working with key stakeholders to educate and groom the next generation of the GA child, is to serve in breaking the vicious cycle of neglect while unlocking their full potential.
I believe strongly that when one child is educated to the highest standard, he serves to break the cycle of poverty in the home he is born into.In this regard we successful recruited 5 youth in Ga to undergo an 18-month Skill Development Training programme in Precision fabrication at the Design & Technology Institute at Legon. On completion, they will be equipped to establish businesses within the community and in turn help train others.Together with the team we are in the process of registering 3 Endowment Funds – Ga Mantse Educational Fund, Ga Girl-Child Educational Fund and the Ga Mantse ICT Project Fund.-      The Committee is in the final process to kick start a pilot project to train 150 people in ICT. The Transformational Digital Hub is partnering with us on this project with the aim to train 7,500 people in digital skills aside a few other programs which are being finalized.4.  Other initiatives–      With assistance from the Accra Metropolitan Authority, Ghana

Highways & Urban Roads, the roads in front of the Ga Traditional Council as well as those inside the locality has been given a proper face-lift.
–      The Ga Mantse Palace at North Kaneshie is being refurbished.-      The Ga Mantse Stool House in Abola has been refurbished-      We also have provided some financial support and resourced a number of the youth groups in their activities.
Our Mantra, The Ga State: Working together for the greater good of Ga nation. A new beginning – Hope is birthed – An era of new possibilities – The Vision: Working together for the greater good of Ga nationThe Vision Carrier – The Vision Destination.POLICY AREAS/INITIATIVES)1.People- Unity.2) Education and Technology.3) Health and the Environment.4) Enterprise and entrepreneurial initiatives.5) Strategic partnerships.6) Communication and public relations.Ga Mantse Advisory Group – Made up of prominent and accomplished Ga men and women in Ghana and in the diaspora: with representation in the following areas: LawMediaHealthBusinessFinancePrivate sectorYouth and sportsChieftaincyBipartisan – from across the political divideINITIATIVESGa Mantse monthly Radio address to Ga peopleGa Mantse young entrepreneur annual ward (given to a promising new business)Ga Mantse inter school (secondary) annual debate competitionMonthly city Environmental Sanitation (linked to the current Government initiatives)Ga Mantse breakfast meeting with business leaders (twice a year)Ga Mantse palace media briefing (monthly, where the press officer updates the press on the progress of the Ga state)Ga Mantse annual end of the year party for the less privileged (orphanages, disabled, widows etc.)Invest in The Ga state Programme- an initiative to actively seek investors into the different sectors in Ga (education, health, economy etc.)Accra twin city programme (concept of twin cities e.g. with Doha)Ga Mantse , Meet the people programme – a structured tour and visits to Higher institutions, Health institutions, business institutions, overseas, to meet Ga people from all walks of life and engage them in the development of the Ga stateGa Mantse Annual Development summit/lecture (brainstorming summit with experts and technocrats on key areas of development in the Ga state). This annual summit could be part of the HOMOWO celebration (either at the end or the beginning) Welcome to Accra/ Visit Accra! Initiative.The Ga Mantse palace to invest in guide tour buses in Accra to support and promote tourism in Ghana). The buses will do guided tours to historical places in the Ga state including a visit to the Ga Mantse palace.All that has been done now is work in progress. Am building these bridges with the Chiefs and People of our GA State.


Testimony Written By  HRM Ga Mantse Nii  Dr.Tackie Teiko Tsuru II

Our  both Peace Ambassadors of UNUGP and AUGP USA  of Ghana Branch High Chief Amb. Dr. Florence Benson ( In Left Side With Yellow Dress )  and  High Chief Amb. Dr. Rose Mary (Righh Side in Black Dress ) are  over whelmed and have also expressed their Happiness and gratitude  and have  committed their support for making  Ghana Sustainable Developed & Strong Nations through the Support of His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder and Chairman of AUGP USA  & UNUGP.
Earlier Ga Mantse Nii  Dr.Tackie Teiko Tsuru II was  recommended by  HRM Dr.Valentine Sunday Akpati , Royal Ambassador General Of UNUGP and AUGP USA -West Africa Chapter for getting the Honour of Prestigious Awards and appointment as Ambassador Of Peace Of UNUGP /AUGP USA in Ghana  because of his remarkable services to Humanity and  Mankind which was  resolved in the  Board of Governing Council of Board of Governors of 120 Countries  and was finally approved by is His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan the Chairman cum Chief Rector of UNUGP and AUGP USA and Earlier Ga Mantse Nii  Dr.Tackie Teiko Tsuru II received the Certificates and Prestigious Awards from the  hand of  HRM Dr.Valentine Sunday Akpati , Royal Ambassador General  last Year .

LOVE ,PEACE and UNITY Among Diversity is our ultimate goal . Let  us all be United  beyond all boundaries and join us ( UNUGP , AUGP USA )  to build up a Transformed Civilization Of ” PEACE LOVING -PEACE LIVING -PEACE PRACTICING “ World wide to Make NATIONS to  ONE GLOBAL NATION  which is the main Goal of His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan who is working with Passion from past more than 35 Years and received the  US PRESIDENT’s LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD From the then Hon’ble President Mr. Barack Obama in the Year 2016 for his incredible works in the field of  Peace , Education, Humanitarian  works etc in more than 80 Countries . See The Video  Of Award No 1 Link — -> Please Click here !! 

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Jointly Published By :-Ambassadors Of Peace Of UNUGP and AUGP USA , Ghana  1)High Chief Amb. Dr. FLORENCE BENSON 2) High Chief Amb. Dr. ROSE MARY  


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