World News : New York :- His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Kishan The Founder Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace USA and The Chairman cum Chief Rector Of United Nation University For Global Peace USA and The Chairman of United Nation GDO and all the board of Governing Council of Governors of UNUGP and AUGP USA in 120 Countries Headed By The Chief Governor H.E. Dr. Kiwi S Kalloo and The Chancellor H.E Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madhurasinghe have expressed their gratitude and Congratulations to Amb.Datuk.Dr.Aphinita​ Chaichana​ The Global Commander In Chief Of UNPKFC -SEA and all the Board of UNPKFC for Sigining a MOU with Our UNUGP – AUGP USA On the very Special Day of UN Peace Keeping Day  Email

MOU BetweenAUGP’s

UNITED NATION UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE- USA- UNUGP/AUGP USAThe American University For Global Peace USA Bucks Mill Road, Colts Neck, NJ USA Email : 


UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING FORCES COUNCIL- SOUTH EAST ASIA108/65 Villa Salasinee Village House Soi Saimai 74/1 Saimai Road, (Sukhaphiban5) Saimai District, Bangkok, Thailand 10220. Email:

UNUGP / AUGP USA and UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING FORCES COUNCIL-S.E.A, 108/65 Villa Salasinee Village House Soi Saimai 74/1 Saimai Road,(Sukhaphiban5) Saimai District, Bangkok, Thailand 10220.

Agree to do Collaboration/ Partnership between our both Organization to Promote PEACE Culture To Contribute through Mass Educational Programs To STOP – All kinds of Wars like Nuclear, Bio-Chemical, etc  , Stop drugs , Stop Terrorism, Stop Human Trafficking, Stop Organized Crime etc and to build up a Transformed Civilization of ,” PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING ” community World wide To make Nations Sustainable Developed and also agree to cooperate in academic exchanges, program development and research. This document establishes the guiding terms and principles of collaboration between the two institutions

.●   UNUGP is a global Think tank with a primary focus of helping scholars of diverse

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fields carry out academic research, doctoral research, also into Peace and Conflict studies and build diverse competencies applicable to peace activists worldwide. It’s Headquarter is in New Jersey, supported by a panel of Experts and Advisors, having it’s branches in 120 countries. We are legally incorporated by The Government of USA with Registration No. 6815639 8100,SR # 20184990447, duely Apostille by The Government Secretary Of STATE ,vide No: 202828726, USA Government Authentication No. 202828725 By The Secretary Of State ,USA Government & and also have federal Government Of USA income tax exemption under section 501(c) (3) with EIN under FEDERAL INCOME TAX registration number 20351 63491 & affiliated to and sponsored by the Academy of      Universal Global Peace USA, 


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The Union of International Associations (UIA) is a organization operating under the  United Nations Mandate, given the Register Number – Org ID: XM8954 UNPKFC SEA (United Nations Peace Keeping Council of South East Asia) for access has been approved by Knowledge Management & Guidance Team Policy and Best Practices Service. Policy Evaluation and Training Division UN Department of Peace Operations. United Nations Headquarters, New York.

MOU was Signed by the Chief Functionaries of both The Organization 

Amb.Datuk.Dr.Aphinita​ Chaichana​


Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan

Published By :-Dr. Dylbere Dika,
Director General Of Diplomatic Mission (DMPP – Europe & Balkan Nations ) & International Director Of Women Empowerment Of   UNUGP / AUGP USA

Dr. Dylbere Dika, 

About Academy Of Universal Global Peace USA

For more Details ,see the link And and On-Line Honarary Doctorate degree & Theology Degrees, Promiting Global Peace, Educator, Trainer To Trainers-Peace Builders-Motivators-Change Makers Of Global Civil Society, Building Up - Peace Loving-Peace Living-Peace Practicing Transformed Cultured Civilization and Community World wide
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